Two Restaurants, One Building, One Huge Success

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Two Restaurants, One Building, One Huge Success
By: Kelly Woodard

One local restaurant is taking sharing to a whole new level. Two different owners, two separate restaurants, one building. Norma’s and Type may share the same kitchen, but the two concepts are nearly as different the two chef’s themselves.
Norma Murray of Norma’s at Duh prides herself on fresh, homemade food that leaves the diner comforted and satisfied. With specialties like soups, deli style sandwiches, juicy chicken, and bread pudding to die for, Murray has quickly made a name for herself as the queen of the lunch hour.
That’s when Murray calls it a day, and the spotlight turns to Type’s Blake Rushing. An internationally trained Cordon Bleu chef, Rushing’s specialty is just what you’d expect; high end fine dining with a worldly flair. Having worked with such world class chefs such as Gordon Ramsey and Daniel Boulud, Rushing’s menu changes every 2 weeks and highlights local ingredients.
Their worlds collided a few years ago when the dup worked side by side at a bed and breakfast. Rushing said, “We knew we wanted to work together and show off our individual styles, but finding a way to combine our very different ideas was difficult.” That’s when Murray came up with the brilliant idea to open their own restaurants under the same roof just by splitting business hours. Norma’s would open for the lunch hour, and Type would serve the dinner crowed.
“We knew how crazy this all sounded, but we knew we could make it work because we both had such unique things to bring to the table,” Murray said. And with that, a new concept in restauranteering was born.
Located within downtown’s quirky Duh, Norma’s and Type opened to rave reviews from both diners and critics. Norma’s, open Monday through Friday 10:30 am to 2:30 pm and Saturday 11 am to 2 pm, features a laid back atmosphere full of old world charm complimented by fast service and to die for recipes like champagne chicken salad and strawberry pecan greens with homemade poppy seed dressing.
When the lunch hour ends, the Type staff is gearing up to transform the laid back Norma’s feel into a sophisticated, trendy hot spot for the evening shift. The flowers, tablecloths, glassware, lighting, and music all change as swiftly as the weather can change here on the gulf coast. Once Norma's mural is covered with TYPE's paneled logo, Rushing’s restaurant is ready for business from 5 pm to 10 pm.
So just how do they make it all work so easily? Rushing says they split everything like rent, utilities, delivery trucks, and even the cooler. "Everything here on the right side of the cooler is Norma's, everything on this side is Type’s,” Rushing said. With their business running like a well-oiled machine, Murray says there is one ingredient to their success that Rushing forgot to mention, “Mutual respect. We have the upmost regard for one another, and without that we wouldn’t have been able to even get this off the ground.”
With such a unique concept and great food, Norma’s and Type does not disappoint. James Joiner, local resident and frequent patron of both restaurants said, “This is a chef's restaurant. Mr. Rushing and Mrs. Murray’s passion for good food is clearly evident. This place is a must when in Pensacola.”
Want to check it out for yourself? Visit Norma’s and Type at 501 N 9th Avenue at the Duh shopping complex. Reservations are not required for Norma’s, but are recommended for Type. You can make them by calling 850-466-5181. To contact Norma’s call 850-466-5136.