McGuire’s Matriarch, Molly Martin, Passes Away at 77

molly martin pic
Beloved McGuire’s Matriarch, Molly Martin, Passes Away at 77
By: Kelly Woodard

The Gulf Coast’s favorite Irish Pub, McGuire’s, went dark on Tuesday as they closed their doors to honor its own matriarch, Molly Martin who died Friday at the age of 77.
Molly and her husband, McGuire Martin, were married on Pensacola Beach in 1977 and opened the legendary Pensacola later that year. With its original location on Fairfield Drive, a second McGuire's Irish Pub opened in Destin in 1996. The Pensacola restaurant that everyone has come to know and love moved to its current location on Gregory Street later that year.
At first, the Martins did not even have a phone in their home because they only left the pub to sleep. The rest of those long, early days consisted of many hours of hard work and the wearing of many hats. When McGuire wasn’t in the kitchen, he was keeping the books. Molly kept busy doing a little bit of everything, including something she had never done before: waitressing.
When Molly earned her first dollar tip, she began a McGuire’s tradition that has evolved into the stuff of legend. She signed that dollar and hung it on the wall where it still hangs today. It has since become one of the most recognizable traditions at the popular restaurant, and it is said that over 750,000 bills now grace the walls at the Pensacola location alone.
Molly was born in Stamping Ground, Ky., in Oct. 1936. She studied English literature at Belhaven University. Though she was a fabulous writer, Molly became known for her incredible vocal skills and frequently graced the McGuire’s stage. Her CD’s can still be found in the McGuire’s gift shop today.
Molly’s death come on the heels of the passing of her grandson last week. McGuire Martin said he wouldn’t be surprised if his beloved wife had died of a broken heart. “She loved nothing more than her family. She is greatly missed,” Martin said.
McGuire’s re-opened for regular business on Wednesday.