June 19 Editorial

Is it just me or does being professional just not mean what it used to? For instance, our house is on the market. While there is a sign in the yard, any decent real estate agent knows that when a house is occupied, you don’t just knock on the door. You make an appointment. However, yesterday that very thing happened….at 8:30 am.
I awoke from sleep, nearly having a heart attack due to my dogs going nuts at the front door. Being that I am not even a shadow of a morning person, I stumbled in my satin pj’s to the door fighting back three barking attack morons, to find a real estate agent and his clients standing on my door step. I picked my brain in a panic, wondering if I had forgotten that there was an appointment to show the house, until he said, “Is it too early?”
First of all, yes, you idiot, and second of all, can I help you?
“We were just wondering if we could come in and see the house,” the agent said. I told him that we had been sleeping and asked if he could give us an hour to get the house ready to show, an offer that I thought was rather generous at the crack of dawn without an appointment. “Sure, that will be great,” he said. “We’ll be back in an hour.” I gave him our phone numbers and he gave me his card, then we got to work.
The house was in fairly good shape, so we just vacuumed and made the beds. The time for their “appointment” came and went. I called the agent, and he told me they were running a little late. “Can we come at 1,” he asked. “Sure. I’ll just have to move some things around in my schedule,” I replied annoyed but anxious to sell.
At 2 o’clock when they hadn’t shown, I called him again. This time there was no answer. By 4 o’clock, I was just plain mad. Not only had this jerk disturbed my beauty sleep by knocking on the door without an appointment, but now he has missed two appointments that I had to rearrange my day for without so much as even a courtesy call? Rude.
Later that night, I received a call from the agent. He explained that he had missed the appointments because he had forgotten that he had a lunch date. Really dude? I tried to control my disgust, but it bubbled over when I snapped, “And it never crossed your mind to call me? Never mind that I adjusted my whole day to accommodate you. How about you don’t show up at my door again unless you have a client with a briefcase full of money and a contract in hand. Good day sir.”
After the blood rushed out of my face, I giggled at myself for being so melodramatic. I mean, at least we have people wanting to see our house. It just burns me up when people don’t have any integrity. Just do what you say you’re going to do. It’s that simple.
I guess I expect too much from people. There’s always going to be those who knock on your door early in the morning, I will probably never be able to understand the customer service reps at AT&T, and I’ll probably never get the sauce I ask for when I go to the drive-thru, but I suppose life will go on. Maybe not much longer for the guy outside my bedroom window with a chainsaw at 7 am if he keeps it up. Seriously, doesn’t anybody sleep?
My point is this….people are so obsessed with their own agenda’s that they forget that there is a thing called common courtesy. Even as grown-ups, we still need to follow the golden rule; treat others as you want to be treated.
As for me, I drove to my real estate agent’s office immediately to pick up a sign that says, “By appointment only”. Take that Mr. Real Estate jerk.