June 26 Editorial

We’ve all heard those amazing stories that swirl around the internet that seem so unbelievable that they almost seem like urban legend. This week, I learned first-hand just how true these stories can actually be, and just how powerful prayer can be when you feel you are in your darkest hour. My dear friend Susan, who I’ve known for nearly 15 years, contacted me the other day with a miraculous and inspirational story she wanted me to share.
A school teacher, Susan had once held a second job years ago as a server in Orange Beach for extra cash while on summer break. One night, while cleaning off one of her tables, she found a silver bangle bracelet that read “Through God, all things are possible”. She put the bracelet in the lost and found bin in the office, and didn’t think about it again.
That is until her father passed away a few months later. “I was going through a really rough time in my life,” Susan said. “I needed something to give me hope.” She went to the lost and found bin, and there was the bracelet. She asked the managers if she could have it, seeing as how it had remained there for over 90 days. They said yes.
Susan wore the bracelet for months, and in time she said her heart learned to beat again. “When I felt low, I read those words on the bracelet and remembered that God loves me and has a plan for me,” she said.
Then, tragedy struck again for a friend close to Susan. Her mother was killed in Hurricane Katrina, and her heart was broken. Susan decided to pass the bracelet along to her and told her the story of how it had helped her through her grief.
Her friend wore the bracelet for nearly two years before passing it along to one of her friends who was going through a rough patch. This “sisterhood of the traveling bracelet” was fast becoming a special bond.
A year or so later, the third wearer of the bracelet called Susan with the bad news that she had lost it while swimming in the intracoastal one afternoon. Susan told her not to worry because the bracelet had more than served its purpose. They had all worn it in their times of need, and they had all healed.
Last week, Susan’s son, who was visiting from Georgia, came home with something shiny on his arm. He took it off and handed it to his mother saying, “I found this today, Mom. I wanted to give it to you.” When he opened his hand Susan said she nearly fainted. It was the bracelet.
At this point in our conversation, I knew that there was something wrong. Her voice trembled as she said, “Kelly, I have cancer.” I felt a lump rising up in my throat. I didn’t know what to say. Was I supposed to ask what the prognosis is? Was I supposed to tell her everything was going to be okay even though I didn’t know the details? Was I supposed to say something profound?
All I managed to say was, “How?” How could my sweet friend who would give her last dime to someone else have gotten this? How was she going to fight it, and was she going to win? How could I imagine life without her beautiful, peaceful smile being in it?
She told me that it was colon cancer, but there were treatment options. It was going to be a long hard battle, but she was ready to face it head on. She said, “I think that’s why God sent this bracelet back to me. I mean, what are the odds that it would ever be found, let alone by the person who once owned it?”
I choked back tears and replied, “It has gotten you all through before. This is a sign that you will get through it again.”
I told her that I would be there beside her through the good, the bad, and the ugly until we hear those wonderful words, “You are cancer free.” Then I told her to buckle her seatbelt because I wasn’t going anywhere after she was cured. There are just too many more adventures to be had.
I hung up the phone and started thinking about life, death, God, and fate. Perhaps the person who owned the bracelet when Susan found it no longer needed it because her pain had subsided. Or maybe God really does work in mysterious ways. I find it hard to believe that things just happen to us. I think every step we take is on the way to our destiny.
As for Susan and her bracelet, even if it is truly coincidence, it makes me smile to know her heart is filled with hope at the sight of it every day. It was the missing piece she needed to prepare herself for battle, and if anyone is going to win, it’s going to be this amazing lady.
The proof is in the bracelet….”Through God, all things are possible”.