April 10 Editorial

Few things can irk me like a blatantly rude person. We’ve all met one. Someone who seems to have no filter or regard for the feelings of those around them. Yes, I am sure we are all guilty of being rude at some point in our lives, but the kind of person I’m referring to here is that person who, every time you come in to contact with them, leaves you with a bad taste in your mouth thus making you want to leave the taste of blood in theirs.
Okay, maybe that was a little harsh but we’ve all at least thought about it.
The person I have in mind, who like Voldemort shall remain nameless, is a former co-worker of mine who I run into in the social scene from time to time. She’s a classic case of rude. At just 22 years old, she thinks she knows everything, rules everything, and is superior to all women at all times; and she has thought this way for years.
A couple of months ago, I ran into her and a mutual friend of ours at a beachside bar. As I stood there chatting with my friend, I noticed her looking around at the other people in the area. While in the middle of our conversation, she interrupted us to say one of the most horrific things I’ve ever heard a human actually say out loud and mean it. She grimaced, “We need to find a new bar. The people in here are gross. Like totally fat.” I was stunned, but managed to reply, “That’s really mean.” She seemed unfazed by my distaste in her comment and said, “I don’t care. I hate fat people. They are disgusting.”
My mouth was literally open in shock while my mind was thinking, “You are a terrible person little girl.” Unable to stomach anymore of her words of wisdom, I excused myself from my friend and went on my way hoping that would be the last I saw of her…ever.
No such luck. I ran into her just last week while picking up a to-go order at a local restaurant. She is the type that takes her gym workouts very seriously, and instead of motivating others to do the same, she cuts them down. I had been working all day and was wearing yoga pants and a pull over hoodie. I walked up to the bar area to pay for my order and without so much as a hello she said, “Well the way you are dressed looks like you’ve been working out, but I know better.” I wanted to slap her off of her high horse (aka barstool), but instead I tried to take the high road and said, “Well hello to you too.”
Don’t get me wrong…if this person was a close friend of mine I would’ve laughed, called her a name back, and continued the conversation. Seeing as how I barely know her and vice versa, her comment just set my hatred ablaze. I mean, who does she think she is? She doesn’t know me or what I do with my time. And to be honest, I could’ve come back with a statement about how she needs to lay off the weights and ‘roids because quite frankly, she’s a manly beast.
But I didn’t. Do you know why? Because I have manners.
As I stood there waiting for my food, I listened to her go on and on about how perfect her chest was and how she would never get them augmented. She continued to degrade anyone who would, and finally a man dressed in scrubs who had been in on the conversation (I found out later that he is a surgical tech for a local plastic surgeon) tried to add his opinion, to which she abruptly interrupted saying, “You shut up. You’re just a surgery tech. You don’t get to have an opinion.” I was flabbergasted. Where did she learn to be so mean, and why hadn’t her parents taught her about this little thing called respect?
I took my food and walked out the door without so much as acknowledging her existence. I’m sure she thinks that her bluntness makes her intimidating and assertive. She probably thinks she’s cool because she “speaks her mind” and “stands up for herself” when in reality she’s just a jerk.
I’m all for a woman being outspoken and opinionated. Heck that pretty much describes me. But there is a difference in being frank and being downright rude. I am a believer that everyone has a right to their opinion, but purposely hurting others with those opinions is just wrong. I was always taught that if you don’t have anything nice to say, don’t say anything at all.
I personally get my jollies from making people smile. I don’t feel the need to cut others down publicly to make myself look better, and I feel sorry for her that she does. Of course, privately is a different story. If I said half of the things that run through my mind on a daily basis, I’d be either in jail or an asylum.
Underneath it all I think her sharp tongue is a disguise for a sad heart and a weak mind. I gather that her mentality is “hurt them before they hurt you”, and for that, I feel for her. Maybe when she grows up into a big girl she’ll learn how to play well with others. That or she’ll say something to the wrong person and get schooled with a knuckle sandwich. If only there was a TicketMaster Outlet for such things…..I’d have my ring side seats purchased in a heartbeat.