February 27 Editorial

In recent months I have found myself becoming more and more distracted by pretty much everything. My easily distracted mind was hindering me from completing just about any task so in my frustration, I began living by that saying, “Have you ever had so much to do that you just decide to take a nap instead?” Why yes, yes I have.
When I would wake in the morning, I felt tired and completely unmotivated to do even simple tasks like putting makeup on or combing my hair. I realized that I was going for days sometimes without leaving the house. While home, I would continuously attempt to get something done like laundry or cleaning out my closet, but usual found that something shiny had caught my attention and I was officially derailed.
My husband suggested that I was suffering from depression to which I suggested he was suffering from being an idiot and was about to be suffering with a fat lip. Let’s just say that conversation didn’t go over well. And no, I did not overreact. Even if I did, I’d never admit it.
Then a friend suggested that I might be suffering from ADHD, a thought that had never crossed my mind. I wasn’t known for being a hyperactive kid, although I have been told that I was always a prankster. Even in my adult years, I never have quite fit the mold.
It became a joke that my friends and family couldn’t have a normal conversation with me without my mind skipping from one subject to another, also known to them lovingly as “squirrel” which they would yell at me when I veered off course. I knew I needed to take this seriously when while having a somber conversation with my friend who had just lost her husband, I looked out the window and said, “Squirrel.” She looked at me like I was crazy and then turned around to see a furry little critter running along the fence. She smiled and said, “Well, at least this time there is actually a squirrel.”
This week I made a visit to my doctor and explained what has been happening to me. He prescribed my Adderall. I asked, “Isn’t this stuff like speed? Won’t it kill me?” He smiled and replied, “No, you’ll be fine. Trust me, you’re about to feel a whole lot better.”
He was right. The first day I took this magic little pill I felt motivated enough to do the dishes and clean the kitchen. Three hours later I looked up at the clock, drenched in sweat. I had cleaned the entire house. I felt like Superwoman. Why don’t they give this to everyone? Haha, suckers.
Day two brought a morning full of laundry followed by an early afternoon run (and nothing was even chasing me). By 5:30, dinner was on the table and the dogs had been bathed. I felt so good, I could’ve gone well into the night but I stopped because I knew I would need to save something for tomorrow.
Now, a week in to my new found awesomeness, I’m starting to feel a little more normal. I still have a burst of energy in the mornings, but I like to have that little kick in the pants to get me going. My conversations seem more meaningful because I don’t find myself drifting off while the other person is talking thinking, “Is that an eye booger or a mole? Why would someone have a mole in their eye? Did I turn the stove off this morning?” You get the picture.
In short, having ADHD is no laughing matter, but being treated with Adderall totally rocks. Did I forget to mention that three whole boxes of Girl Scout cookies have survived the three day mark in this house? Miracles do happen.