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The “Funnest” Fishing Tournament Around Benefits Soldiers Returning Home
By: Kelly Woodard

Bait a line and get in on the fun as the Flora-Bama Yacht Club and Marina presents the “funnest fishing tournament on the Gulf Coast”, the Flora-Bama Fishing Rodeo, next Thursday through Sunday, June 10
th through 12th.
The 3
rd annual tournament will be held at the Flora-Bama Yacht Club across the street from the world famous Flora-Bama Lounge and Package Store. Described as the “every man’s” fishing tournament, the Flora-Bama Fishing Rodeo brings fishing fun to everyone of all skill levels. Categories will ranging from Cat Fish to Bill Fish and everything between.
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Jimmy Buffett Kicks Off Summer at The Wharf This Memorial Day Weekend
By: Kelly Woodard

Local Parrotheads won’t want to miss their chance to soak up the Jimmy Buffett experience, as the man that brought us Margaritaville, cheeseburgers in paradise, and the idea that it’s five o’clock somewhere, brings his “I Don’t Know” tour to the Amphitheater at the Wharf on Orange Beach for one night only on Tuesday, May 31
st at 8 pm.
“We are so happy to welcome Jimmy Buffett & the Coral Reefer Band back to the beach! This concert is always one of the best parties of the summer and the Parrotheads from all over the Gulf Coast come out to celebrate,” said Art Favre, Owner of The Wharf. “Fans won’t want to miss this great concert – it’s always a night to remember!”
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Sea Turtle Nesting Season Is In Full Swing, So Turn Off the Lights and Save a Life
By: Kelly Woodard

It is that special time of year again when our Gulf Coast beaches are peppered with sea turtle nest filled with hundreds of little ones just waiting to burst from the sand. Every May through August, four of the seven species of sea turtles choose the warm soft sands of Pensacola Beach and Perdido Key as the perfect place to nest. Volunteers are working day and night to ensure that all of our newest additions have a chance for survival, but they need your help.
Three species of sea turtles regularly nest on Florida beaches, the loggerhead, leatherback and green. More than 90 percent of U.S. loggerhead nesting takes place in Florida. A count on 26 Florida beaches in 2012 found 58,172 loggerhead nests, the second-highest number in 24 years, according to the Fish and Wildlife Commission.
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Pensacola Beach’s ‘No Trace Left Behind’ Ordinance Lifted For Memorial Day Weekend Festivities
By: Kelly Woodard

Memorial Day weekend festivities for the LGBT community on Pensacola Beach will go off without a hitch after Escambia County Commissioners voted in their May 19
th meeting to grant a special permit to lift the No Trace Left Behind Ordinance from Friday, May 27th until Monday, May 30th.
The ordinance, which was passed in August of 2015, makes it illegal to leave personal property unattended on the beach after sunset without a permit. The ordinance is common in coastal communities as a way to help reduce litter and to make beaches sea turtle-friendly. The weekend rules apply in the following designated areas only: between beach walkover 28A (dog park) to approximately ¼ mile east of beach walkover 29D, or the University of West Florida boundary. Overnight camping and campfires are not permitted.
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Emmanuel Sheppard & Condon Help “Surrender the City” For the Fiesta Season
By: Kelly Woodard

Emmanuel Sheppard and Condon, one of Pensacola’s premier law firms, is proud to present the kick off party for the 67
th Annual Fiesta of Five Flags celebration on Wednesday, June 1st from 7-10 pm at Seville Quarter.

The celebration salutes the rich history of Pensacola under the flags of the five governments that have flown over our city – Spain, France, England, the Confederacy and the United States. Seville Quarter will host five different rooms representing each of these important influences on our city.
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Making Sense by Michael Reagan
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Michael Reagan will be on vacation. He will return with a new column Thursday, June 2, 2016.
Copyright ©2014 Michael Reagan. Michael Reagan is the son of President Ronald Reagan, a political consultant, and the author of "The New Reagan Revolution" (St. Martin's Press). He is the founder of the email service and president of The Reagan Legacy Foundation. Visit his websites at and Send comments to Follow @reaganworld on Twitter.
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Editorial By: Kelly Woodard

It’s Memorial Day weekend, and the tourist season is officially open for business. While many of us are native to the Gulf Coast, visitors to our beach town that relies heavily on tourism often express a desire to move here, imagining a lifestyle where they get to be on vacation all the time, instead of just for a few precious days or weeks. Some of them realize that goal in retirement or through making a major life shift that allows them to relocate to the place they always dreamed of.
What they find often isn’t what they experienced on vacation, because living somewhere is different from visiting, and people who have relocated to a community or established second homes there are going to be viewed as outsiders by locals. So, how do you live in our beach community, whether full or part time, without antagonizing the locals?
Start by recognizing that your new home is not just a tourist town. It’s also a place where people live and work, and have done so for years. Driving down the road looking from side to side at every sight while doing 25 mph at 8 am on a Tuesday morning isn’t going to gain you any fans. Whether you are retired or just haven’t found a job in the area yet, remember….we’re not all beach bums who wake to the surf report and worship the sun seven days a week. We have jobs too.
Next, learn about all the cool things our awesome city has to offer that might be off the “tourist” path. Find out where locals shop, and start establishing yourself as a regular customer. Try being friendly with clerks and store personnel, because they’re the ones who’ll be providing you with valuable advice once you’ve become a regular and well-liked customer. A friendly relationship with the guy behind the meat counter, for example, can make the difference between getting the recommendation for the best cut, and being given exactly what you ordered with no additional commentary, even if it’s not the best choice.
Hit a Blue Wahoos game, attend some local charity events, join a Mardi Gras Krewe, or hit up some of our favorite spots like McGuire’s, The Fish House, Five Sisters, etc. You’ll meet some awesome locals who can show you the ropes and help you to start blending in as an honorary “Pensacolian”.
Finally, before you jump into local political conversations with your new friends and neighbors, learn about the rich history of our beautiful city. Pensacola is actually pretty amazing. There is a reason they call us the City of Five Flags, so check out Fiesta Days going on now to learn more about the amazing past that has made the city, its people, and its industry what it is today.
Locals often resent what they see as intrusion by uninformed outsiders, and if you can be seen but not heard at city council or county commissioners meetings while you learn about what’s going on and the history behind it, you’ll impress locals with your dedication to getting to know the community before offering your opinion.
Above all, remember to be kind and humble and the more you put into your community, the more you’ll get out. Pensacolians are a friendly and welcoming people ready to accept those who want to be a part of our city. While you may think you know all there is to know after visiting here all those years, just remember that it may take a little longer to fit in on the long-term scale. Stick with it, and learn that a little southern hospitality mixed with your own special flair may just earn you the title of local in no time.