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Editorial By: Kelly Woodard

There are some things in life that we just need to avoid. For some it might be alcohol. For others it might be sweets. For me, it’s the pet store. By now, all of our readers know what a crazy softie I am for animals of any kind, and walking into a store full of puppies, kittens, bunnies, and birds all locked up in a cage is pure torture for me.
Usually, I avoid this snafu at all costs, but yesterday I had to enter the “danger zone” for some pet supplies that I can only get at this particular location. At first, I resisted the urge to browse the sad puppy faces in cage after cage that lined the wall, but I found myself distracted when a beautiful young macaw caught my attention by saying, “hello”.
I was mesmerized by the intelligence and awareness of the beautiful bird who mimicked my every move, side to side…up and down. I talked to him and danced for him for about ten minutes before I realized that I looked like a complete weirdo in public. Then I did it some more.
Upon making myself feel like a total idiot a few minutes later, I said my goodbyes and turned for the door, but then she caught my eye. A sweet little American Eskimo pup, gorgeous and fluffy with kind eyes just like my beloved Esha had once had.
Of course I had seen other Eskies since my Esha had passed away, but what caught my eye with this particular dog was her size. She clearly wasn’t a young puppy like all of the other dogs in the store. She was nearly full grown. I had a flashback to 2001 when, walking through the mall, I spotted a pet store and made the best decision of my life by going in.
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Hillary for America? Why?
Making Sense by Michael Reagan

Hillary's all in for 2016.


She officially arrived Sunday — but not in the flesh.

She announced her decision with a low-key tweet and a two-minute video featuring a diverse lineup of adorable Democrat voters, a sappy message about being "a champion of everyday Americans" and very little face-time for herself.

Then, to prove she's still a grassroots Chicago girl at heart, the multimillionaire from Chappaqua sneaked out of New York at 70 mph on one of the phoniest "road trips" of all time.

Chauffeured by Secret Service men in a three-van convoy bound for Iowa, she actually met a few regular "flyover people" at a gas station in Altoona and she made a sneaky pit stop in Ohio at a Chipotle.

With her oversized shades and trusty aide Huma Abedin paying the bill, however, Hillary was spotted standing in line at the popular Mexican chain restaurant.

When the media swooped into the Chipotle a day later, they learned that Hillary and Huma had stiffed the kids behind the counter.

Caught not leaving a tip for the working class is not a good PR move for a wealthy everywoman who says she'll fight for the struggling everyman.

As Rush Limbaugh pointed out, that little socioeconomic gaffe revealed how badly out of touch Hillary is with the people she's counting on to vote her and Bill back into power.

Which raises the big question: "Why 'Hillary for President' "?

She's the Democrats' default presidential nominee, the Entitled One, but she's a lightweight on every scale.

Quick. What does Hillary stand for?

Has she ever had a deep thought or a good idea about policy — foreign or domestic?

What has she done in her public life so far to make this country a better place? What is her great vision for America?

And what are her great career accomplishments? Not many.

She was basically handed a U.S. Senate seat.

Big deal — a liberal Democrat carpetbagger wins in liberal New York. And then makes herself invisible for six years in the Senate.

As secretary of state, her highlight reel includes Benghazi and a string of failures in Iraq, Afghanistan, Russia and China.

Her biggest achievement as secretary of state was racking up a record number of frequent flyer miles.

For her debut in Iowa this week Hillary was dodging tough questions from reporters and carefully speaking in political generalities, platitudes and soundbites.

She was trying so hard to put some daylight between herself and President Obama that she almost sounded like my dad.

She was promising to make the economy grow by cutting bad regulations and she mentioned adding market-based reforms to what's she thinks are the good parts of Obamacare.

Maybe Ms. Authentic 2016 was trying out her Maggie Thatcher impersonation. (Believe me, I knew Maggie Thatcher and Hillary is no Maggie Thatcher.)

Unfortunately for the country, Hillary can't escape being Hillary. And if she's saying anything about the economy that makes sense, it's pure accident.

Hillary can't compare to Marco Rubio and Rand Paul, the first of a gang of young, smart, accomplished conservative Republican presidential candidates who are not stuck in the 1990s.

The announcement speeches by Rubio and Paul were great — full of vision and ideas about reform in Washington and calls for reasserting America's prosperity at home and leadership abroad.

Meanwhile, Hillary's really just running on a single issue — that she's a woman and it's time for America to have its first woman president.

Over the next 19 months I think millions of everyday voters are going to figure that out. Maybe the liberal media might too.
Copyright ©2014 Michael Reagan. Michael Reagan is the son of President Ronald Reagan, a political consultant, and the author of "The New Reagan Revolution" (St. Martin's Press). He is the founder of the email service and president of The Reagan Legacy Foundation. Visit his websites at and Send comments to Follow @reaganworld on Twitter.
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Spring Gets Spicy At the 31st Annual Pensacola Crawfish Festival
By: Kelly Woodard

Bugs are invading downtown Pensacola! Mud bugs, that is. Show your love for these spicy little critters at the 31
st Annual Pensacola Crawfish Festival, next Friday, Saturday, and Sunday May 1st through May 3rd in downtown Pensacola’s beautiful Bartram Park.
One of the state’s largest crawfish boils, this favorite festival brings a little of the Louisiana bayou right here to Pensacola Bay. There will be a wide range of Cajun fare such as crawfish poboys, crawfish pies, and of course, 16,000 pounds of boiled crawfish, as well as other traditional fare like hot dogs and hamburgers.
Along with great food, festival patrons will enjoy a variety of foot-stomping music straight from the Louisiana Bayous. Kicking off the live entertainment on Friday, May 1
st at 4 pm is Lee Yankee, followed by Naughty Professor, and the Lost Bayou Ramblers at 8:30 pm.
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Local Art Studio Needs Your Help To Rebuild Their Pumpkin Patch
By: Kelly Woodard

One local art studio needs your help. Scott & Molli Novota, owners of the Strong Street Studio known for glass-blowing and their annual Pumpkin Patch event, say that their dreams of rebuilding their beloved community arts center that was damaged after the roof collapsed during a storm in February may be coming to an end. Now, they are calling on the kindness of their neighbors to save the day with much needed donations.
Scott Novota said that the donations will help replace what was lost in the disaster. “All of our equipment, tools, benches, pipes, raw materials we've collected over the years sat crushed beneath beams, pipes, bricks and soaking roof tiles,” he said. “For almost two months it sat under the constantly shifting debris being exposed to the elements making it impossible for us to retrieve anything.”
That’s when the Novota’s started a Kickstarter campaign, an all or nothing program where if the goal number is not reached by the deadline, no money is received and everyone that donated will not be charged. So what does this all mean for the Novota’s? They are currently $3,500 short of their $20,000 goal with only 8 days left to donate.
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Cinco de Mayo Goes To the Dogs At the 2015 Running of the Chihuahua’s
By: Kelly Woodard

Get in touch with your Mexican roots as Seville Quarter kicks off Cinco de Mayo right with the 2015 Running of the Chihuahuas, Sunday, May 3
rd at 1 pm.
This family friendly event will feature the most charismatic, not to mention fast, pups this side of the border as they race to the finish line for lots of prizes. The races are open to Chihuahuas and Chihuahua mixes only. Dogs over 15 pounds may race separately depending on number of entries.
Each dog will receive an official race packet full of goodies and coupons for great deals. Each dog may run in one or more qualifying heats and the winners will advance to the championship rounds. Races will start at 2 pm.
The grand champion will take home a 1st Place Trophy and other great prizes. Second, Third and Fourth Place will win Award Ribbons. Be sure to check out the fun-filled contests like Best Outfit, Best Trick, and the Owner/Dog Look-a-Like Contest. Winners in each contest will be awarded ribbons and special prizes.
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Local War Hero, Rosamond Johnson Jr., To Be Honored On the Beach That Shares His Name
By: Kelly Woodard

Most people who have nestled their toes in the silky white sands of Johnsons Beach in Perdido Key know that it is one of the most beautiful beaches the eyes have ever seen, but most don’t know that its namesake is a true hero. The late Rosamond Johnson, Jr., a true local American hero, will be honored this Saturday, May 2
nd at 10 am at the Star Pavilion on Johnson’s Beach in Perdido Key.
Private Rosamond Johnson, Jr. joined the military when he was just 15 years old. A man devoted to his country, Johnson took pride in heading off to war when the Korean conflict broke out. While there, Johnsons platoon came under fire. Having carried two wounded men to safety under enemy attack, he was killed going back to save a third, becoming the first Escambia County resident to die in the conflict. He was just 17.
Johnson posthumously received the Purple Heart on August 21, 1950, and veteran groups continue their efforts to this day to seek additional military honors for him.
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The LGBT Community Joins Freedom to Marry For Town Hall Meeting Regarding Same Sex Marriage
By: Kelly Woodard

Freedom to Marry, an organization working with national and state organizations and individuals to build a mass of states where same-sex couples can marry and a mass of public support in favor of the freedom to marry, held a Town Hall meeting in Pensacola Tuesday evening to discuss how Florida’s gay marriage laws will progress, and what supporters can do to get involved on a national level.
Working closely with Equality Florida, the largest civil rights organization dedicated to securing full equality for Florida’s lesbian, gay, bisexual, and transgender (LGBT) community, Freedom to Marry aimed to bring awareness to the issues on a community level as well as what lies ahead with the U.S. Supreme Court.
A ban was place on gay marriage in Florida in 2008 by voters. In the wake of that ban, Pensacola City Council passed a Domestic Partner Registry (DPR) to provide important legal protections for unmarried couples in December of 2013. Under the DPR, domestic partners are allowed essential family protections including hospital visitation, emergency services, and the ability to make funeral arrangements.
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