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The Hiding Place: Life of Corrie Ten Boom
An inspiring musical production coming to downtown Pensacola!

Writer & Director Stephen Joseph Burke will once again present his original theatrical musical production The Hiding Place: Life of Corrie Ten Boom at the REX Theatre in downtown Pensacola on Labor Day Weekend (September 2nd, 3rd & 4th 2016). Based on the well-loved book The Hiding Place by John and Elizabeth Sherrill, this inspiring production brings to life the story of Corrie Ten Boom’s steadfast faith, hope, and perseverance during the Nazi domination of WWII.

Following two sold out performances at the REX Theatre last year and a Summer 2016 tour along the East Coast, Burke is pleased to bring his production of
The Hiding Place: Life of Corrie Ten Boom to the REX Theatre once again this fall. The show features a cast of talented individuals from Pensacola’s Christian community; eight local churches and multiple denominations are represented. Burke’s intention was to create a community-wide event and he has certainly succeeded. His wife, Alisha Burke, stars as Corrie Ten Boom. She has performed in over twenty stage productions, including "Our Town" as Emily Webb and "Ruddigore" as Mad Margaret. Attendees from last year’s performance at the REX Theatre called the show “compelling,” “life-changing,” and “uplifting”.

General Admission tickets are $25.00. Military, Student, and Senior Citizen (55+) tickets are $15.00. Tickets can be purchased at

Stephen Joseph Burke holds his Bachelor's and Master's degrees in performance and his Master of Fine Arts degree in Dramatics. He and his wife, Alisha Burke, are co-founders of Shining Light Players, a local Christian drama and music ministry with a mission to bring Gospel-centered productions to the stage. In addition to performing nation-wide, Shining Light Players provides acting classes and apprenticeships to the local community in Pensacola.

For interviews or more information, please contact Tess Celia Rodin, Director of Audience Services & Development: (850) 898-4004 or

Making Sense by Michael Reagan
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Donald Trump, the ADHD Candidate

Those of you who regularly read my column know that Donald Trump was not my first choice for the GOP nominee. He was not my second choice either. Rather than belaboring the point, I'm just going to say that while I am not "Never Trump," I am most assuredly "Never Hillary."

That's why I'm going to be voting for Donald Trump in November.

But he doesn't make it easy. Many political experts are wishing Trump were a constitutional conservative. Others are wishing Trump were more open to free trade. While another group wishes he would give some clarity as to his final position on taxes and the economy.

Personally, I think granting those wishes would make Trump a more acceptable candidate to members of the GOP base and a portion of the independent electorate. But rather than focus on policy, I just wish the Almighty would see fit to grant Trump a longer attention span.

A myriad of ills besetting his campaign would be cured if Trump could just focus on just the topic of the day, to say nothing of seeing the big picture as it applies to November.

Instead, Trump is forever stepping on his own campaign message as he goes charging down one rabbit trail after another. These detours into the bush do nothing to help him win and many only serve to make it harder to prevail in November.

The latest is a revenge plot reported by the Washington Examiner that seeks voter vengeance on John Kasich and Ted Cruz.

Kasich sat in his tent on Achilles Avenue during the GOP convention that took place in his own state! He refused to either endorse Trump ---- in violation of the fealty pledge he was eager to foist on Trump earlier in the campaign ---- and he refused to darken the door at the convention.

Cruz' offense was making a primetime speech at the convention where he refused to endorse Trump.

Of the two, Trump has more reason to be unhappy with Kasich and less with Cruz. Kasich just appears to be a sore loser and his petulant refusal to get on the Trump train does nothing to help him in the future.

Cruz said he refused to endorse Trump ---- which should not have come as a surprise to the Trump campaign, if they didn't know exactly what Cruz was going to say before he said it, they have no business running for president ---- because Trump insulted his wife and accused his father of being part of the JFK assassination plot.

So Trump is now offended. I say join the club.

But when The Donald is offended he evidently can't focus on anything else. Now, Trump says he's going to personally fund a Super PAC designed solely to make sure Kasich and Cruz lose their next election. He claims he's ready to write a check for $20 million to get revenge.

All this does is make Trump look very small and very petty. Who wants to vote for a sore winner?

Worse, it distracts Trump and the media from focusing on his plans to defeat Hillary.

Please, Donald, forget about Cruz and Kasich and concentrate on the campaign against Hillary. Leave the getting even to the interns.

Copyright ©2014 Michael Reagan. Michael Reagan is the son of President Ronald Reagan, a political consultant, and the author of "The New Reagan Revolution" (St. Martin's Press). He is the founder of the email service and president of The Reagan Legacy Foundation. Visit his websites at and Send comments to Follow @reaganworld on Twitter.
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In an effort to reduce the mosquito population in Escambia County, the Mosquito Control Division has filed a Notice of Intent to proceed with a “fogging mission” today in parts of District 5 (maps provided below).
When possible, pre-application surveillance is performed with post-application surveillance to follow. Methods used to determine necessary fogging mission activity include dry ice-baited light traps, landing rate counts and focally located service requests received from the public.
Mission hours vary but typically occur in the evening hours from 6-9:30 p.m.
Please refer any inquiries to (850) 937-2188. For the latest news, follow @MyEscambia on Twitter.
August 3: Notice of Intent to Perform Mosquito Fogging Operations