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Run Into Fun With Your Sweetheart At The Annual Double Bridge Run
By: Kelly Woodard
It’s almost Valentine’s Day, so hit the pavement and heat things up at the 2016 Annual Pensacola Double Bridge Run 15K/5K Run/Walk Saturday, February 13th. Presented by Publix, the Pensacola Double Bridge Run 15K carries runners over two bridges, across Pensacola Bay and Santa Rosa Sound.
It will run from downtown Pensacola with a tour that includes the historic district, and picturesque Bayfront Parkway, a run through Gulf Breeze, and onto Pensacola Beach. The 5K invites both runners and walkers to travel from Gulf Breeze to beautiful Pensacola Beach on Santa Rosa Island and the Gulf Islands Seashore.
Quickly becoming known as one of the premier 15K (9.3 miles) races in the country, the Double Bridge Run Presented by Publix gives runners a scenic view of the beautiful waters only the Gulf Coast can offer. The starting line for the 15K race is at Maritime Park 301 West Main Street, Pensacola, FL 32502. The starting line for the 5K race is at 10 Daniel St. in Gulf Breeze. The finish line for both races will be in the Pensacola Beach Boardwalk parking lot. 15K runners are required to keep a 14-minute per mile pace. The 15K starts promptly at 7 am.
The race also features a 5K (3.1 miles) race which begins at 8:30 am at 10 Daniel Street in Gulf Breeze, runs over the Bob Sikes Bridge and uses the same finish line on the beach. The course will close at 9:30 am to all runners.
In addition to the more than 3,500 runners competing in the event, runners and spectators can also witness 200-1,000 Navy and Marines running the course in formation, making for a moving and patriotic finish.
Awards will be given to the first 3 OVERALL FINISHERS for the Men and Women in the 15K. Prize money of $1,250 will be awarded to the first Male & Female, $500 to the second & $250 to the third in the 15K.
All participants in both races will receive an official race t-shirt, a 100% cotton long-sleeve shirt (guaranteed for first 2,500). For anyone (visitors or locals) staying in area and beach hotels, you will receive a free Pensacola themed fleece blanket. Runners will also be able to receive a free pair of running sleeves from Asics. Simply fill out a short survey at the Expo to get your running sleeves. Refreshments, food, and beverage will be available at the finish line for all participants.
Runners are to park at the finish line under the beach ball water tower by the Pensacola Beach Pier. Shuttles will be running from the parking lots to the start lines.
The post-race party will begin at 8 am on the Pensacola Beach Quitewater Boardwalk. In order to claim your three complimentary beers, you must have on an alcohol wristband with pull tabs. You will receive the wristband at the packet pick-up. Awards will be announced during this time at the Band Shell on the sound side, weather permitting. In the event of inclement weather, awards will be held at Hemmingway’s Island Grill.
Packet pick-up and Race Expo will be held at Gulf Breeze Recreation Center 800 Shoreline Drive, Gulf Breeze, 32561 on Thursday, February 11
th from 3 to 7 pm and Friday February 12th from noon to 7 pm. There will be no day of race registration available.
Registration fees for the 5K will be $40, and the 15K registration fee will be $55.
No pets, strollers, baby joggers, roller blades OR bicycles are allowed on the race course. Wheelchair racers can participate in the 15K only.
For more information, visit or call 850-434-2800.
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City Of Pensacola Fire Chiefs On Paid Leave Pending Investigation
By: Kelly Woodard

Two of the City Of Pensacola’s top Fire Department officials have been placed on administrative leave. According to a Tuesday press release, Chief Matt Schmitt and Deputy Chief Joseph Glover have been temporarily dismissed from their duties pending an ongoing investigation.
Spokesperson Vernon Stewart said that the details of the investigation are still not available to the public, but the order came from City Hall management. Stewart confirmed that both Schmitt and Glover will receive paid administrative leave. An outside agency will be performing the investigation.
Chief Schmitt has been a member of the Pensacola Fire Department for 32 years, employed initially as a firefighter in October 1979. He has lived in the Pensacola area since 1979 after his active duty military service at Eglin Air Force Base, Florida.
Joseph Glover is the Deputy Chief of the Pensacola Fire Department and currently serves as a Senior Master Sergeant in the U.S. Air Force Reserves with 28 years of total service.
Fire Marshall David Allen will step in to act as interim fire chief until the investigation has been closed and a final ruling can be made.
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Pensacola’s Cat Country 98.7 Receives Nominations For 51st Annual ACM Awards
By: Kelly Woodard

Pensacola’s favorite country station, Cat Country 98.7, has reason to celebrate as it has been nominated as Radio Station of the Year by the Academy of Country Music (ACM). This will be Cat Country 98.7’s 8th nomination in the last 12 years of time & the station has previously won this award in 2006, 2009, & 2011.
In addition to the station nod, the Cat Pak Morning show hosts, Brent Lane and Candy Ruddy have been nominated for radio personality of the year in the small market division. Lane previously won the honor in 2009.
Brent & Candy’s CatPak Morning Show is “Live & Local” from 5-10 am weekdays both on the air and online at
The 51
st Annual ACM Awards Show is set for April 3rd in Las Vegas and will be hosted by Luke Bryan and Dierks Bentley.
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It's the Negativity, Stupid
Making Sense by Michael Reagan

Watching all the negativity flying around the stage at the Democratic Town Hall Forum the other night, something struck me.

Why, after watching Hillary and Bernie go after each other's left-liberal throats, would anyone ever want to vote for either one of them?

They had nothing but rotten things to say about the other.

Hillary's too cozy with Wall Street.

Bernie's too soft on the NRA and naive about negotiating with Iran.

Hillary's insufficiently progressive and takes obscene speaking fees from Goldman Sachs.

Bernie's expensive progressive ideas will never make it in the real world.

Etc. Etc.

The Democrat debate got so dirty that Hillary has had to call her pet attack dog David Brock in from the kennel and let him off his leash.

Brock is the nasty former right-wing hit man whose pro-Clinton super PAC has sent out emails equating Bernie Sanders with dead Venezuelan dictator Hugo Chavez.

His PAC has also attacked Bernie for not including enough "people of color" in his nice feel-good TV ad featuring Paul Simon's song "America."

Somebody actually counted the blacks and Latinos in the video and declared that Bernie was insufficiently diversity-minded.

Now the dirty dogs in Brock's pack are running ads calling for Sanders to release his medical records.

The Republicans presidential finger-pointers are just as negative, thanks mostly to attacker-in-chief Donald Trump.

Actually, since there are more attackers and attackees, and since the attacks are constant and usually more personal, and since Trump is mixed up in all of it, the GOP negativity is much more self-harmful.

It's been hard to keep track of who's been hitting whom in the Republican primary brawl, but here are just some helpful headlines from the Internet:

- Trump: Ted Cruz flip-flopped on birthright citizenship

- New Ted Cruz ad attacks Donald Trump's 'New York Values'

- Bush: Rubio, Cruz are followers, not leaders on Syria

- Carson questions authenticity of Trump's faith

- Rubio hits Trump's debate 'theatrics'

- Trump hits Cruz on loans, citizenship: 'Did he borrow unreported loans from Canadian banks?'

- Trump, Rubio and evangelicals target Cruz as Iowa caucus nears

- Kasich super PAC attacks Trump immigration plan

- Carly Fiorina repeats after girl: 'Donald Trump's a moron'

- Christie on Trump skipping GOP debate: Leaders have 'got to show up'

- Pro-Bush super PAC hammers Rubio for credit card controversy

- Rand Paul: 'Trump is a delusional narcissist and an orange-faced windbag'

Rand Paul must have hired a new writer, probably a sophomore in high school. But what's going on is not funny.

We're all being played for suckers.

After we hear months of this nonstop Republican-on-Republican bashing, we're supposed to forget about it and vote for one of these bums to be our next president?

They don't like each other, for both good reasons and stupid reasons. But I bet half of the GOP candidates won't have the stomach to vote for the nominee in the fall.

If you believe all their negative ads and what the candidates say about each other and their ideas, it makes sense. There's not a damn person worth voting for.
Copyright ©2014 Michael Reagan. Michael Reagan is the son of President Ronald Reagan, a political consultant, and the author of "The New Reagan Revolution" (St. Martin's Press). He is the founder of the email service and president of The Reagan Legacy Foundation. Visit his websites at and Send comments to Follow @reaganworld on Twitter.
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Editorial By: Kelly Woodard

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Week two back from the “inferno infirmary” proved to be a big one for me, as upon receiving a call that “lit a fire” under me (these fire puns are just so easy), I threw my walker to the side and forced myself to rejoin the living.
Last week I found myself struggling to move, let alone handle any type of mundane task that we all take for granted until tragedy strikes. I was feeling all sorts of emotions…I was feeling angry, impatient, and most of all sorry for myself. I don’t like losing my independence, but the pain was real and I was starting to give up. Then the phone rang.
It was Bob, a guy I had met through other musicians in town who was looking to add a female singer to his otherwise already established band. I had rehearsed with them several times before my accident and was scheduled to play my first gig with them at a local Mardi Gras Ball the week of the fire. It broke my heart to miss it.
He informed me that the group would be performing at the Flora Bama that upcoming weekend, and wanted to know if I was feeling well enough to sit in for a few with them. The truth is I wasn’t even close to being ready, but I wasn’t going to miss another opportunity. Of course I just said, “Yes”. It was just the motivation I needed.
I hung up the phone a let out a pained yelp as I stood up with the assistance of my walker. Feeling pretty good, I pushed the walker to the wall and made myself take some unassisted steps. It wasn’t easy, but I was determined to walk up on the stage in the next five days without help, and more importantly, without looking like a victim.
When Sunday finally came, I was met by about 30 of my family and friends when I walked through the door, most of which I didn’t even know would be there. I hugged and chatted with everyone that I hadn’t seen since the accident, but there was a strange cloud hanging over the room.
I could tell that people didn’t know what to say or how to act or whether or not to mention it. Then of course there were the people in my life who are complete weirdos that couldn’t wait to see the damage. I couldn’t be mad….I would’ve done the same thing. Not to mention the stares from strangers….I know I’ll eventually get used to that as I’m sure my scars will be the topic of many awkward conversations in the future.
I felt the crowd’s eyes burning a hole in me as I was called to the stage by the band. I was wearing what I lovingly refer to as my “magic shoe”, an orthopedic gem that looks like a nursing shoe and a bowling shoe mated. I proudly limped to the stage unassisted, a feat that wasn’t possible just days before, and I stood in front of the mic. The crowd was nearly silent. I took a breath and the band started to play.
All of the pain, agony, defeat, stress, and self-pity melted away in that moment. This had been my dream since I was a kid, and it was coming true.
When I opened my mouth and sang the first line, the crowd erupted, the dance floor filled, and my heart was beating fast for a good reason for the first time in a while. When the song finished, a group of women I didn’t know from a local Mardi Gras krewe stood in front of the stage yelling, “We want more….we want more!” My wounds were finally starting to feel healed, both inside and out.
I sang a few more with the band, but had to retire early as I wasn’t quite ready for a full show. The love and praise I received from the crowd upon exiting the stage was overwhelming, and I knew that people no longer saw me as the poor girl with the bandages and the limp. They saw me as the rock star I’ve always wanted to be.
As my journey to recovery continues, I know there will be more obstacles to overcome but I now know that if I want something bad enough, nothing will stand in my way. I have always believed that things happen to us for a reason and as they are destined to. While I still may not know why this incident was a stop on my journey, I do know that it has taught me to believe in myself and never give up. It has taught me to push myself to break through my limitations and that every moment is precious and waiting to be lived to the fullest.
I personally intend on making more time to chase my dreams and believe that I can achieve them. Realizing that everything can change in the blink of an eye puts what is important in perspective. Bills, work, taxes, stress, etc…..those things are all part of life. They just aren’t the best parts …..and ain’t nobody got time for that! So whatever your “stage” in life is, get out there and rock it!