April 17 Editorial

This weekend we said goodbye to another one of our single sisters as she walked down the aisle looking like an angel on a farm in north Alabama. Little did she know, her best girlfriends that she had known since childhood (present company included) would take it back to the maturity level of the kids we were when we all met on her big day.
We arrived on the “bride to be’s” family farm and our breath was instantly taken away not only at the sprawling greens fields and sparkling lake, but by the flowers, the cake, and the décor; you know, all the things that make girls go “oooo” and “ahhhh”. We took a seat just in time to see the bridesmaids walk down the aisle in gorgeous complimentary lilac dresses, complete with cowboy boots.
The bride arrived in a ’52 Chevy pick-up with her cowboy boots peeking out from underneath her dress. It was so perfectly “her”. The vows were short, sweet, and to the point. It was time to party.
We headed to the barn where a magical reception awaited us with a country chic theme that would’ve made even Miranda Lambert and Blake Shelton’s wedding look like a trip to the court house. We sipped on “John Daly’s”, a drink similar to an “Arnold Palmer” but filled with liquor, while the band played and we mingled under the twilight.
After dinner, we all headed to the dance floor. The drinks were flowing and we were all having a blast. We danced with our friend until the cows came home….literally. Did I mention the drinks were flowing?
It was finally time to say goodbye and we all loaded up on the shuttle bus back to our hotel. This is where things got a little crazy. We laughed, screamed and jumped around the bus like monkeys in a zoo. Unable to control our volume level, the people in front of us were clearly not amused. When asked to settle down, the smallest of our close knit group yelled, “We were over served, sir. You should speak to someone about that.” It was rude, it was totally disrespectful, but it was hilarious. That’s right. We were those people.
When we arrived back at our hotel, we all piled up in one bed to talk, giggle, and eat pizza rolls. On a side note, I thank the heavens above that there is no videotape evidence of this occurrence because I’m pretty sure we looked like drunk, ravenous animals. We talked about everything that had occurred throughout the evening including the preppy guy in pastel skinny chinos we dubbed “Turd Nerdelson” and one of our friends introducing herself to a cute, successful doctor who was clearly interested as, “Hi, I’m Sarah…..I have Asperger’s.” Nailed it.
The night took an messy turn when trying to ruin my friend’s precious popcorn bag by doing unspeakable things because she was “bogarting” it, she smacked it away from me slinging popcorn all over the room and grease all over the sheets on the bed. We both recovered well by mumbling out the words, “It smells delicious…” Our friend who had to sleep in the bed did not agree.
An hour or so later, after a friendly wrestling match with these crazy girls who I love like sisters, I limped off to my room, but not before I said, “Yo, I lost a sock. I’ll be back for that,” and slammed the door.
The next morning we woke with pounding headaches, but we all instantly started to laugh. It’s not often in life you can let yourself hang out….all of you…and still call someone your friend. Were we out of control, loud, obnoxious, and acting completely too young for our age? Yes, but I can honestly say it was one of the best nights of my life with the girls I love most in the world.
We all met up with the bride and groom again for a little hangover brunch where we learned that we had acted like perfect ladies at the wedding. Apparently our bad behavior didn’t rear its ugly head until we boarded the bus. Thank goodness. We headed back to the farm to help clean up from the festivities and then we all said our goodbyes and headed to our separate corners of the earth.
On the way home, I started thinking. There are very few people that you meet in a lifetime that, no matter where you are or how much time has passed, things are just like you left them when you get together. I am blessed to have four of them. May the world lay silent until we meet like a perfect storm of awesome again, ladies.
And for the record, I’m still coming for that sock.